Monday, June 9, 2014

the geranium dress: a pattern review

I purchased the Geranium Dress pattern by Rae Hoekstra well before Sophia was born, but I had never sewn an article of clothing, so the task seemed daunting.

This particular dress pattern seems to have a cult following online, and I love seeing the various versions that bloggers post for all to see.  My little one is growing very fast, so I knew I had to tackle this sooner rather than later.  Besides, I have a lovely stack of fabric just waiting to be turned into something sweet.

I had purchased a linen blend voile from Miss Matatabi's Etsy shop.  It is light and airy and quirky and perfect for Virginia's humid summer.

Fortunately for me, the pattern was beginner-friendly and very easy to follow --the directions clear and thorough, and the photos detailed enough that I could follow along without growing frustrated.  I was able to sew the dress in one day, and while I made a few (okay, several) errors along the way, I love that Sophia had a new dress to wear out this evening.

This was my first time using the buttonholer on my sewing machine, so those came out a bit crooked.  I also struggled with the ruffled sleeves...had trouble getting the zigzag stitch just right on the edges, and wasn't careful in the placement so they're not quite even.

But the dress is soft and sweet, light and airy, and Sophia doesn't notice the flaws.  The pattern is classic and versatile, so I'm looking forward to making some more of these for my little one in the very near future, assuming she actually naps.

If you're new to garment sewing, like I am, and want to stitch up something special for your little lady, consider giving this pattern a's available in sizes newborn to girls' 12.


  1. Love this. I have ordered the pattern now. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. It's a great one to start with! I only wish I'd had time to make more of these while she was so small.
      Good luck! :)