Friday, June 27, 2014

meet my brother

Two days ago I decided I was getting myself a serger.  For the longest time I didn't really need it because I did more quilting than anything, but when I recently started sewing clothing, I thought it finally time to do so.

I had actually been contemplating this purchase for a long time and read various reviews, but I kept putting it off.  I didn't know if it was worth spending the money.

The problem is, I suffer from serger-phobia.  Its appearance alone with multiple spools (rather large spools, I might add) feeding in all directions is incredibly intimidating.  I mean, how on earth do you thread this thing?  I feared it might end up collecting dust in the corner of the closet, simply because I feared IT.

But my hope is that my "garments" might look a tad more polished and professional, and the only way to improve my sewing is to continue challenging myself with new obstacles.

So here I will share what I learn as I go, starting with the most basic of skills: figuring out how to turn it on.


I went with the Brother 1034D and found it on Amazon.  This seems to be a pretty basic serger and quite popular, I might add; the reviews were decent.  It also looks like it's been around a while, as the married couple on the box look to be hitched circa 1990.

It even came with some handy thread in primary colors to get started.  I guess this means I can use regular spools instead of those humongous ones?  That's a bonus in itself.

So, if you're new to serging too and want to share your progress or offer some insight, please feel free to do so.  I would love having people along on this new adventure...

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