Friday, December 12, 2014

Limited Edition Christmas towels

I just finished the last of my limited edition Christmas towels and had planned to list them in my Etsy shop when a friend said she'd buy them all.

I love bright colors, so these were a lot of fun to make.  While they don't require a lot of fabric, they do require a significant amount of time.

Each piece is traced and cut out, then adhered to each towel, before I machine stitch them in coordinating colors.  The raw edge applique tends to fray slightly over time, which only adds to its character.

While I won't be making any more of the Christmas edition unless they're custom requests, I'm going to get started on some for Valentine's Day.

Be sure to check my Etsy shop for those in early January if you have a VW lover in your life, as I'll only be making a handful.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 8, 2014

SMS Giveaway Day!

After years of admiring others' goodies, I am finally participating in the SMS Giveaway.  Yay!

For those of you visiting my quiet little blog for the first time, thanks for stopping by!  I'm Terri,  a wife, mom, fabric hoarder, sewer, quilter, football fan, and coffee drinker.

This year I have decided to give away a few of my handmade items so there will be two winners.  I have my scrappy little mug rugs/coasters in a set of four, and I also have some raw edge applique Christmas hoop art...both items made by me.

So how do you win one of these little goodies?

1) COMMENT below telling me where you're from and which of the two items you'd prefer to win for one entry.

2) FOLLOW crooked whimsy on Instagram for a second entry, then comment below telling me you're following.

3) FOLLOW crooked whimsy on Facebook or here on my blog for a third entry, then comment below telling me where you're following.

And that's it!  Check back at the end of the week, when I'll randomly select two lucky winners!

While you're at it be sure to check out SewMamaSew for lots of other wonderful giveaways going on all week.

Thanks again for stopping by and good luck!

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Time for a Swap Sabbatical?

I think I've become a swap addict.

Goodies received

I mean, who doesn't want a mini full of pink Heather Ross gnomes?

The Instagram community is a wonderful place for sewers, quilters, and fiber artists alike, as people talk fabric, share helpful tips and tricks, and exchange lots of goodies in the form of mini quilt swaps.

Goodies sent

I had signed up for another two exchanges months ago, much to my husband's dismay, as he knows I wait until the last minute for everything, and then become crazy for a few days trying to meet a deadline.  But I love working under pressure, provided I have plenty of coffee on hand.

And another on its way to Canada

I somehow managed to get both minis done by their respective deadlines, and I was excited to try something new for each.

The first was hosted by Sarah Fielke for her new book Little Quilts.  We were required to make a mini from the book, so I selected Drawn Together because I had never done paper piecing, aside from a pin cushion years ago.

I struggled to get all the points to match in the middle.

But it was rewarding to see it all come together.

I mixed both orange and pink stripes for the scrappy binding.

Decisions, decisions

But, due to a lack of both time and experience, I avoided hand quilting for this one and did a simple outline with my machine around all the edges.  I plan to practice my hand quilting for next time.

The second quilt was for the IG mini swap, which was international and included around 1,000 participants.

A very merry Lone Starburst in progress

I was excited to try the Lone Starburst for the first time to send to my swap partner in Canada.

I wanted it to look like the top of a Christmas tree, so I needed to add a border.  Again, I received lots of help from the IG community to successfully do this.

For now I'm on a swap sabbatical, but I have a feeling once Christmas is over, I'll be back to it.  It's hard to stay away and so fun to participate!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Point Matching: A Tale of Triangles and Tribulations

I need to be better about keeping my blog current.  Maybe that should be my New Year's resolution a month early?

I have completed a bunch of projects over the last few weeks, which is a miracle considering I rarely have a moment without a one-year old tugging on my sweats (and, no, I wouldn't change it for the world!).

Among other tasks, I finished my first triangle quilt.

My little helper

A friend had asked if I could make a baby quilt for a pregnant co-worker whose taste was simple, modern, and clean.  She was having a boy, and since I'd wanted to attempt triangles for a while, this was the perfect opportunity.

My bigger helper holds the finished quilt top

Once we settled on solid colors, which were a mix of lighter blues, grays, and white, I had to decide how I'd make it.  There are multiple online tutorials and patterns, as well as various triangle templates available, depending on preference.

The basting begins!

While I wanted to get the equilateral template for my Accuquilt, neither Amazon nor JoAnn's had it at the time.  So instead I ordered the Tri Tool acryclic triangle ruler, because it was available via Prime, and I didn't have the patience to wait longer than two days to get started.  I was excited about finally making one of these.

I was fortunate to stumble across this blog where Stacy shares beautiful photos of her finished triangle quilt for her daughter, as well as a free, step-by-step, full color tutorial.  If you're making one of these for the first time, check out her tutorial.  It's FREE and incredibly helpful!

A quilted quilt

Honestly, cutting the triangles was a bit tedious and time-consuming.  I took frequent breaks.  But hopefully I'll be able to cut through multiple layers of fabric next time.  I can't wait to make another in lots of bright solids.

Ready for its new home

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Secret Garden Dress Tour

Sprouting JubeJube’s Secret Garden Dress Tour is going on all week, so I'm excited to share the version I created for my daughter who turns one next month.

Just a sneak peek while she to follow soon!

In the meantime, don't forget to check out the other ladies who have created their own versions of this sweet dress!

There's also a giveaway for the chance to win some amazing PDF patterns from some talented designers!  So be sure to enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WIP Wednesday: disappearing nine patch

While I've made quilts for friends and family, I have yet to sew a patchwork quilt for my daughter.  I wanted to assemble something with lots of bright, vivid colors, and since I had yet to try a disappearing nine patch, I thought it would be fun to attempt.

At a recent and rare trip to JoAnn's I found these Denyse Schmidt coordinates and mixed them with some others to cut 4" squares.

I like to add a lot of white to all my quilts to give the eyes a rest from all the bright colors and patterns I tend to incorporate, so four of my nine patches were white in all the blocks I sewed together.

I used the navy polka dots for the centers of all my blocks so that I could use the same pattern in my final quilt top design.

Once the nine patch blocks were sewn together and pressed, it was easy to halve, then quarter them.

I used a variety of colors and prints for the four corners to mix it up.  I like that this technique allows one to create a variety of different layouts, depending on the colors and patterns used in the nine patches and how one decides to twist and turn the sewn blocks.

While I'm happy with how it's coming together, it seems I've hit a roadblock, and I'm just not sure where to go with it now.  I've considered adding more of the same blocks or some new ones, but I can't decide.  More red?  Less red?  Sometimes red overpowers all the other colors.

So on the floor it sits, much to the dismay of all who enter our dining room.

I'm hoping this WIP becomes a finish very soon.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

sweet swap and my first mini quilt

I wish I had discovered Instagram sooner.  I didn't realize what I was missing all this time.

I am in awe of all the talent...from sewing to quilting to embroidery, DIY, home decor, cooking, photography.  There is endless inspiration.

Aside from that, it is an easy way to network with other crafting folks and to make new connections and friends with people who share a love for the creative lifestyle.

I recently signed up for two different swaps, which seem to be quite common on IG...bag swaps, quilt swaps, fruit- and birthday-themed swaps, even candy exchanges!  

The first was a mini quilt exchange hosted by Heather of The Sewing Loft.  This was my very first swap, as well as my first time making a mini quilt.  

I decided to make one with friendship blocks (or as my husband calls them, ninja throwing stars!), since I was making a new connection, and I attempted to use some of the colors my swap buddy had requested...pinks and greens.

All was going seemingly well until my walking foot busted in the midst of me quilting.  I was determined to carry on, despite the many puckers made from an angry walking foot along the way.

While far from perfect, it's made with so much love.  In the process I learned how to make a new quilting block and a new quilting friend.

I also discovered she loves Hot Tamales, so I decided to add those to her package, along with some other goodies.

I hope she enjoys it as much as I did making it and look forward to next year's swap and another challenge.


Sunday, August 3, 2014

golden rippy delilah top

When Rachel from Golden Rippy put out a call for ladies to hop on her Delilah blog tour, I jumped at the chance.

This versatile top appealed to me because I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl.  It looked like a cute and comfortable staple for fall that could easily be dressed up or down, depending on the fabric used and accessories added.  Furthermore, I've never sewn with knits and have never made an article of clothing for myself, so it was a welcome challenge.

I ordered a few different fabrics online; however, there was a delay in the shipment. In a panic, I ran to JoAnn Fabric last night with my husband and little one in tow and quickly grabbed 2 yards of a lightweight, gray knit.

Aside from the pattern cutting and taping, it took me about two hours total to snip and sew this top.  It is a great beginner pattern because it has just a few pieces to assemble and the sleeves are built in like a dolman, making it less daunting.  The instructions are easy to follow with illustrations included, and the sizes range from XXS-XL.  It allows for either short or half sleeves, as well as the option to add a flower or bow.  I opted for the shorter sleeves and omitted the embellishments to keep it simple.

I'm happy to say it lived up to the hype.  I'm still nursing my 9-month old and don't fit into many of my pre-pregnancy shirts.  This top is comfortable, forgiving and still allows me to feel put together.  I'm expecting my fabric order early next week, and cannot wait to stitch up a few more of these in different colors!

Want to try making one of your own?  Enter for your chance to win two of Rachel's patterns via the Rafflecopter.  Or you can purchase one in her shop; all patterns are on SALE until the blog tour ends on August 6th.

In the meantime,  check out all the other ladies who are sewing their own Delilahs in an attempt to inspire you some more:

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Friday, August 1, 2014

a picture post

As noted in my previous post, I have spent little time creating these days, hence some smaller, simpler projects.

Tea towels and onesies embellished with scrappy camera appliques...

My first time attempting a string quilt block out of scraps, which turned into four...

Pre-cuts assembled into a simple quilt top...

It's a start, right?

Thursday, July 31, 2014

a need unfulfilled, but time well spent

Being creative is a necessity in my life.
It brings me to a calmer state and makes me feel satisfied, sometimes even euphoric.

It's funny how I used to complain that I never had time to do anything.

In hindsight I had all the time in the world, but never used it wisely.

With an active little one, I no longer have creative time, unless I can manage to stay up well after she finally goes to sleep.  Usually, though, my bed lures me in and another idea never has a chance to flourish.

Ideas, ideas.
I'm full of them.

A low-volume, queen size quilt for our bedroom.
An alphabet I-Spy quilt for Sophie.
Pretty little dresses for bean.
A few comfy tops for me.
Some applique items for my shop.
Some paper piecing projects for the house.
Pillows for our living room.
Baby gifts for expecting friends.

The list is endless.

I give credit to the women out there who somehow manage to successfully juggle a career, their passion to create, and their families.  My type B personality just isn't disciplined enough.

In the meantime I complete smaller, simpler projects during those late night hours in an attempt to still fulfill that yearning.  While I'm not challenging myself as much or sewing as often as I'd like, I'm thankful for the rare opportunities I do have.

My priority is my family and watching Sophia grow and change daily is a precious gift.  She occupies most of my time these days, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm incredibly grateful.

My time is well spent.