Friday, December 12, 2014

Limited Edition Christmas towels

I just finished the last of my limited edition Christmas towels and had planned to list them in my Etsy shop when a friend said she'd buy them all.

I love bright colors, so these were a lot of fun to make.  While they don't require a lot of fabric, they do require a significant amount of time.

Each piece is traced and cut out, then adhered to each towel, before I machine stitch them in coordinating colors.  The raw edge applique tends to fray slightly over time, which only adds to its character.

While I won't be making any more of the Christmas edition unless they're custom requests, I'm going to get started on some for Valentine's Day.

Be sure to check my Etsy shop for those in early January if you have a VW lover in your life, as I'll only be making a handful.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Would you make just one more? My sudo aunt would adore this and I owe her a thank you for watching max!