Thursday, August 21, 2014

sweet swap and my first mini quilt

I wish I had discovered Instagram sooner.  I didn't realize what I was missing all this time.

I am in awe of all the talent...from sewing to quilting to embroidery, DIY, home decor, cooking, photography.  There is endless inspiration.

Aside from that, it is an easy way to network with other crafting folks and to make new connections and friends with people who share a love for the creative lifestyle.

I recently signed up for two different swaps, which seem to be quite common on IG...bag swaps, quilt swaps, fruit- and birthday-themed swaps, even candy exchanges!  

The first was a mini quilt exchange hosted by Heather of The Sewing Loft.  This was my very first swap, as well as my first time making a mini quilt.  

I decided to make one with friendship blocks (or as my husband calls them, ninja throwing stars!), since I was making a new connection, and I attempted to use some of the colors my swap buddy had requested...pinks and greens.

All was going seemingly well until my walking foot busted in the midst of me quilting.  I was determined to carry on, despite the many puckers made from an angry walking foot along the way.

While far from perfect, it's made with so much love.  In the process I learned how to make a new quilting block and a new quilting friend.

I also discovered she loves Hot Tamales, so I decided to add those to her package, along with some other goodies.

I hope she enjoys it as much as I did making it and look forward to next year's swap and another challenge.


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