Saturday, June 14, 2014

a pinny for your thoughts

I love the look of pinafores on baby girls.  Perhaps it's their simplicity or that they are just timeless.

As I searched for more tutorials, I came across this pinafore circa 1912 from the MET, which proves this style has been around for well over one hundred years.  It looks very similar to the crossover pinafore I made for Sophia after finding a free tutorial here courtesy of Maggie at Smashed Peas and Carrots.

While this was quick to sew, it did use up a lot of fabric, which is worth it if you intend to make it reversible.  I have yet to add buttons to the other side, so the polka dots remain hidden, but that's an easy fix.

In making this, I learned some important lessons along the way:
1) Cutting corners is imperative (literally, but not figuratively).    Prior to turning the pinny right side out, one needs to carefully trim the edges so it lays flat when finished (per the instructions).  I did not do this well and rushed, so my rounded edges weren't as round as they should have been.  Notice they look a tad geometric.

2)  Invest in some coordinating buttons.  I have a random assortment, and finding two that actually matched was quite a feat; the pair I did find was shiny and purple, which didn't work well with these particular colors.

Still, I didn't want to leave another project unfinished so I thought they'd be okay for this pinafore.  Wrong!  See below.  (Yes, I need a pedicure.)

Alas, I had already sewn them on and wasn't sure what to do.  Then I located another helpful tutorial on how to make fabric-covered buttons that didn't require a kit.  Hooray!

So I traced (use disappearing ink or chalk) and cut...

Stitched all around the outer edge so the button was covered...

Then pulled, gathered, and knotted it so the stitching was hidden.

All finished!

Now if only she'd stay still long enough to get a decent photo...

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