Wednesday, June 25, 2014

it's a WIP wednesday

I'm hoping if I designate Wednesday as my WIP (work in progress) day, I might actually get some of my projects finished.  I don't have much free time these days, so a few hours during the weekends is my only chance to be creative.

I have a quilt top that I started for Sophia a while ago.  I never finished it because I wasn't fond of the colors...typically I prefer lots of whites and brights, but I veered away from my normal path with a darker red and yellow and pink.  It's still not particularly pleasing to my eye, but I really want to finish it at this point.  I just can't decide what to back or bind it with, so if you have any suggestions, please comment.  

This other WIP resulted from insomnia last night.  I was wired, everyone else was asleep, so I just started sewing some scraps left over from a jelly roll.  As usual, I didn't have a plan.  Typically, my unplanned adventures result in a pile of wasted fabric.

Unfortunately, I only had a few coordinates, so I'm not sure if I will make this into a pillow or a mini/doll quilt, as it's not even large enough to be a playmat.  We shall see...

I am terrible at following rules.  I didn't measure, nor did I pin, and my cutting was careless.  I know there's a particular way to piece these so they lay nice and flat, corners nesting into one another just so.  But I'm either too stubborn or lazy, or both.  I did press all my seams, though, so hopefully the finished product won't be too wonky.

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