Sunday, March 8, 2015

Part II-Minimal Projects with Maximum Satisfaction: Hoop Art

As I mentioned in my previous post, smaller projects are my current obsession, simply because they allow me a rare chance to accomplish something during a two-hour nap.

An idea in the works:  raw edge applique in an embroidery hoop

Otherwise, I have too many WIPs sitting around, and considering my overflowing fabric stash and lack of organization as is, there just isn't room for any more clutter in our dining room AKA my sewing space.

First attempt at thread stitching is a tad sketchy

Hoop art is another fun way to experiment with various sewing techniques, allowing for creative freedom and exploration.  You can try just about anything on one of these little (or large) hoops: applique, patchwork, embroidery, and paper-piecing, to name a few.

Raw edge applique using sweet fabric from the new Milk Sugar & Flower line

I have been playing around with what is called sketch stitching or thread stitching, a technique in which people basically sketch or "draw" using their sewing machine instead of a pen or pencil.

My "sketching" is more scribbling, as I have yet to really get the hang of this, but there are some incredibly talented ladies out there whose style is incredibly inspiring.  Two who make this technique look easy are Maureen Cracknell and Jackie of Chloe and Me.

Finishing the back is just as important as the front

When finishing your hoop art, it is especially important to make sure the back looks just as neat as the front.  There are many great tutorials online.  I used this one, and while I didn't have felt on hand, cotton batting worked just as well.  I added my own touch as well, so it's now ready for giving.

These hoops can be completed in a short period of time and make the perfect gift or swap extra.

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