Monday, March 2, 2015

A February Finish a Few Days Later

Is it really March already?

Believe me, I'm just as anxious as everyone else to see this bitter, dreary winter pass, but the time just flies by too quickly.

So, while I should have posted this finish a month ago when I completed it, time escaped me, as usual.  But here it is...

"Grandma Bea"

I participated in another mini swap hosted by Schnitzel & Boo on Instagram.  I was paired up with someone who loved the color blue and had been greatly influenced by her Grandma Bea.  Otherwise, I knew very little about her style and interests.

Piecing is finally finished!

I opted to try paper piecing for this mini.  In hindsight, this pattern by Charise Creates was probably not the best choice for me being so inexperienced with this technique, but I learned a lot from my many mistakes along the way.

Quilting in process

While it proved difficult at times, I pushed through, and I enjoyed learning some new skills.  I was happy to incorporate what little details I knew about the recipient in hopes of making it more personable.

I love my binder clips!

I decided to quilt it in a random outline pattern, similar to another I had seen online.  For the binding I chose a red with white polka dots in hopes it would pop against the light blue background.  By the way, if you haven't tried the Clover Wonder clips yet, they definitely make the binding process go much smoother!  The colorful variety pack is on my current want list.

I only wish I had remembered to embroider a needle on the sewing machine, but the recipient was happy, and when participating in a swap, that's the most important part.

Mission accomplished.

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