Sunday, February 10, 2013

the table

In an attempt to a) get organized and b) become inspired by having a creative space of my own, I finally broke down and splurged on the Bedford project table from Pottery Barn.  I found a similar table on Amazon, but it only had three so-so reviews and didn't look as well-made.  I also found a homemade one that looked incredible, but I don't have the woodworking skills nor the time to make it.

So after pondering it for weeks, I finally broke down and bought THE table.  I don't spend money on myself and rarely shop (unless I'm buying fabric!), so I tried not to feel too guilty.  It fits in nicely with our dining room furniture and now allows me my own space to be creative, thus preventing me from sewing on the coffee table with fabric spread out across the living room floor.

I like that I can display some of my pre-cuts and fat quarters on the shelves, allowing me to see what I have when creating new items.  Now, I just need to get the rest of my fabric organized...

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