Saturday, February 18, 2012

let the sun shine in

I love lots of windows, especially on a bright and sunny day. It amazes me how a little thing like sunshine can change my entire outlook on life for the better.

I finally finished my "hearty" pillow cover. It actually took me longer than expected, as I'm a novice at free motion quilting. I machine-appliqued the hearts and struggled to outline them accurately; as a result, it's looking rather shabby and crooked.

Regardless, it feels rewarding to have another functional item for the house, although the real test will be if the pillow form actually fits inside. I sewed the seams crookedly, so it might be off a bit. I'm hoping to pick one up at JoAnn's today for the true test.

This was my first attempt at a pillow cover, other than the small cushion I hand stitched in Brownies as a second grader. So I used an easy-to-follow tutorial provided by Cluck Cluck Sew here. I am so thankful for all the experienced folks out there who offer free tutorials for us newbies. The back side is a red and white polka dot fabric.

In the meantime, this baby girl quilt still patiently awaits its turn to be stitched. I could really use a nap. Waking up at 4:30 this morning has proven detrimental to my ability to function normally today.


  1. Your pillow cover is adorable! Thank you for linking up to the Valentine's Day Showcase After Party!

  2. thanks so much, melissa! i am in awe at the talent all over the internet; it is so inspiring for those of us just starting out. thank you for the opportunity to share it, and have a wonderful sunday! :)