Monday, January 23, 2012

priorities, priorities

During this past weekend I promised myself I would make time to start my third quilt. It has been weeks since I have worked on anything, and I've been itching to begin. I wanted to make one that was a bit larger so P and I could use it (translation: I will use it, considering he never gets cold) while watching TV on the couch. It is January and the perfect time for cozy quilts.

Despite the leaning tower of papers that I had to grade this weekend, I finally made the lap quilt a priority. While I blame my job for the lack of time that I am able to use in my creative endeavors, in reality I think I'm just in a bit of a post-holiday funk.

So I gathered a random mix of "pleasing to my eye" fabrics from my very small stash...some solid reds and whites, Little Apples by Aneela Hoey, some leftovers from the Fairy Tale Friends line and a few squares from Hoo's in the Forest. While they don't all match together perfectly, I was happy with the end arrangement.

I finished the quilt top, then sandwiched and bound the layers together last night. I am in the process of finishing the quilting now in hopes that I can bind it this week and will finally have my first handmade quilt.

It is incredibly rewarding to make something that is both functional and suitable for one's individual taste and personality. So despite my aching feet and the gloomy sky outside, I am completely content to enjoy some homemade stew and bonding time with my sewing machine.

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